modulor consulting


In addition to standard professional consulting services, we have extensive experience in providing the following added value services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Funding support documentation - Operational costing (Financial modelling)
  • IT backbone design and future planning
  • Operational health IT advice (HIS, PACS, EPR etc.)
  • Comprehensive equipment planning (medical and non-medical) inclusive of budgeting, procurement and installation and commissioning.
  • Equipment specific staff training
  • Compliance procedures and approvals
  • Application for hospital license
  • Development of Whole Site Policies
  • Developing hard and soft facility management output specifications and service level agreements
  • Operational commissioning: resulting in a fully functioning facility inclusive of all buildings, furniture, equipment, information & communication systems, consumables and staff.


  • Commissioning
  • Space Planning
  • PPP/PFI Transaction Advising
  • Business Cases
  • Bankable Documents
  • Master Planning
  • Design of complex facilities e.g. Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron & Nuclear Waste, Sport Stadia, Airports, Cash handling and vaults, Archives, Bulk Storage.

These services are all managed in-house but with the inclusion of expert collaborators where deemed necessary. We partner with leading experts, who we regularly work with, specialising in IM&T, Facilities Management, Medical & other specialised Equipment, Heritage and Impact Studies, Town Planning and all forms of Surveying.